Monday, 1 October 2012

New Craft Room

I've been super lucky this last week, and had my dreams of a dedicated craft work space realized!

Until now, I have had a set up on out dining table, in the middle of our living room, and it was a pain to keep the madness that is craft supplies tidy, especially when guests were coming over.

But, now, I have moved into our office, replacing our spare bed with a desk made from two bookshelves from Ikea and a door.  It looks great!  And it's huge!  Plenty of space for both my crafting and my studies.  Read about my inspiration for decorations here.

I still want to decorate the wall some more, I have plans to hang a calendar  some bunting, my paper hearts and some photos or something.  Time to make some more crafts!

Freya May

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