Monday, 19 August 2013

DIY Style: Bow Ties ARE Cool

Hey Guys,

We've just had the most awesome weekend, David's brother got married on Saturday!  We had so much fun celebrating, Dave did a great job as Best Man, we ate yummy food, drank copious amounts of champagne and danced the night away.  There are some photos on my Instagram of the day, feel free to check them out :D

About a month ago I offered to make a bow tie and cummerbund set for our good friend, Alex, to wear to John's wedding (that's David brother) and being the expert procrastinator that I am, I finally got round to making the bow tie last week.  The cummerbund, however has not materialised. Never mind.

I clicked on the first link Google gave and found this excellent tutorial.  It's for a non-adjustable 15" tie, but you can change the length in the pattern cutting stage if needed.  Really simple, clear instructions, labelled as a beginners pattern and I agree, suitable for all levels of ability.

After a brief consultation of what Alex wanted, I picked up half a meter of some silky, shiny material, I'm sure is a poly of some kind.  It's got tiny checks in silver and black, which I thought was a nice detail.  The slipperiness of the fabric made tying the tie difficult, as you can see in the picture, next time I'm going to go with something a little less shiny and hope that it works better.  Half a meter was enough for two ties.

They are so easy to make, I'm thinking I want to make more.  Luckily for me, a few other friends showed interest in them, so I'll be taking orders soon!

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  1. Looks amazing! I just picked up a Vogue men's vest pattern - this would be perfect with it! Is tying it difficult? It looks pretty complicated :)

    1. No, super easy! have a go :) I don't know if Dave would like a vest too, I'm gunna ask.

  2. Your bow tie came out so beautiful and elegant. I loved it.


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