Monday, 16 September 2013

Market Madness and Give Away Winners


I've been working on my WIP's, and have made some aprons to sell on the market today!  My friend Lucy is starting a vintage stall and is letting me join in the fun, giving me some space to display my stuff too.  It was a cold day, but fun.  We got to meet the other stall holders, we got a lot of knitting done, and I might have secured myself some discount at my favourite fabric stall, if I'm lucky! I didn't sell much, tbh, just one tote bag and some vintage patterns, but we'll do it again!

Now, I really have to focus on the three WIP dresses and get them out of the way so I can start on some new projects!

 ('Curse your sudden, but inevitable, betrayal!')

So, give away winners! There were 9 comments, so thanks to I have determined the winners are....

The first winner was Comment number 7- Zoe! Who wanted pattern pack A- enjoy!

The second was Comment number 1- Freetimeroo- who gets the second pattern pack.

Thanks guys, for helping celebrate my anniversary and I hope you enjoy using the patterns, let me know what you make with them!

*'Anonymous' was the original number 7, but you haven't left me your email/contact details, so I'm sorry, you, didnt qualify for entry*


  1. Thank you so much! I'm so excited :)

  2. Yay for the vintage stall! I was on a fleamarket on Sun and there were so many cute vintage stalls. I it wasn't for the prices I would have bought everything...

    1. They can be crazy expensive- I love vintage clothes, I do not love the price tags!


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