Monday, 16 February 2015

Some Little Makes for my Holidays

Hey Guys, how you doing?

I had a couple of weeks off work this month, using up the last of last years holiday time, and have spent the time super wisely, hauled up in my sewing room with Netflix!  (I've seen two seasons of Suits in the last three weeks!) I've used the time to play around with my overlocker and build up my confidence with jersey fabric.  So far, I have made my first Lady Skater dress, three t-shirts, and had a go at a couple of simple tube shirts.  This has been great fun, despite a couple of overlocker accidents, and I'm totally planning on a whole bunch more Lady Skaters.  I'm tempted, though, by Collette's Myrtle and Moneta patterns to expand my options and take on more challenges.  Jersey dress's can't be beat when it comes to comfort, so I totally want to have a range of lovely patterns to hand.  BUT, I'm not here to tell you about those now, I'm saving that for another day. 

Today, I just wanted to tell you about my upcoming holiday plans and my desperate search on Pinterest for DIY travel accessories to make! Dave and I have booked ourselves on to a tour of West-coast USA- Booyeh!  We'll be visiting LA, Las Vagas, the Grand Canon, Yosemite Park, Napa Vally and then Chicago too.  It's going to be AMAZING!  

So far I've decided to make a travel wallet, to keep my passport, tickets and other important documents in.  There are a ton of tutorials available, which I'm looking through to find the one that has all the features I things I want to keep safe.  This is my first 'draft'.  I made this from a Pinterest tutorial, on

It's not quite what I need though, I think I want a larger wallet, so it's easier to find in my bag, and I'm also pretty sure I want a zipped section for some cash or other more valuable/ easily lost things.  Finally, I want to add a better closure system, if you know how to put a zip in three sides of a rectangle, please help! Or I will probably add elastic round the whole thing.  So, draft two will be in the works soon.  I've found a whole bunch more tutorials for travel wallets and organisers, you can check out my Pinterest board for more ideas.

I am oddly struggling to think of more things to make though, other than a toiletry bag.  Do you have any ideas or suggestions for travel accessories that I could DIY?  I'd love to know what kinda thing you've found useful.

I've also made a couple of pouches to keep stuff organised in my travel bag- I fully intend on making many more for all my bits and pieces. I use the green one at the moment for keeping my random stuff together in my handbag, like lip balm, moisturiser and stuff.  It's made from a scrap of our oil cloth table cloth, which is probably a little too thick for the job.    The strawberry one is a wee pencil case for my handbag, made from scraps of Cath Kidston fabric from last years Sew Dolly Clackett dress.

I drafted my own patterns for each of these bags from a tutorial I found on Pinterest by  They give really good, clear instructions and enable you to make a bag in any size you want.  It's so useful! Plus, they're lined, giving them a really lovely finish.  I pretty much jumped straight into clothes when I learnt to sew, so I do need a lot of hand holding when it comes to things like this.

And finally, I made a make up bag for my sister as a birthday present- 

She loved it! (And the game too)

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