Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Oh, Hello 2016!

So, did you have a nice Christmas? We decided to shut the shop for the week between Christmas and New Year, which was an excellent idea! Both Sarah, my business partner, and I have been working really hard bringing the shop together and anyone who has ever worked Christmas in retail will tell you, its hard work.  The rest was very much needed.  Dave and I had a friend stay with us over Christmas, Leonie currently lives in Edinburg, but is from Germany.  We met her on our summer holidays, in the USA.  We carefully planned out a week of festivities (Christmas dinner, church, family visits) and relaxation (film days - Sisters, Trainwreck, Man Up and Pitch Perfect2- and country walks.)  Just how I like my Christmases.

Of course, now we're right in to January.  Time stands still for no man (sic).

I've got high expectations for 2016- we've had a great reception to our shop opening in 2015, including three lovely write ups in our local newspaper, and hope that our hard work continues to pay off still this year.  I'm spending a lot of time working on our website which will be launched properly at the end of the month.  Plus I'm taking up some of the teaching of beginners workshops, which I'm exited by, and rather nervous about too.  

With all the business of the last 6 months, I have managed to accumulate a nice list of makes to share with you.  What I haven't managed to do is record my projects as I've gone, so now I need to try and remember what I made, and when.  Because of this, I'm just winging it, and will share old projects intermingled with newer ones- they're all exciting after all!  

Here is a dress I made just the other week!

I made this Coco dress by Tilly and the Buttons for my up coming holiday to Berlin.  It's made with some gorgeous, soft ponte roma from my shop because I need some warm, comfortable clothes for walking the city streets in 2degree weather!

I let Dave book the holidays this year.  We're also going to Iceland in September. (Brrr)

The pattern is such a simple shape, which I really like.  And it comes together so quickly, I've now made two dresses and a top version of Coco, with two more tops in the pipe line.  I'm making so many because I'm actually teaching a class on in later in March! 

I'm looking forward to picking up some workshops, but I also feel like I'm just getting the hang of business basics, so don't want to split my time too much.

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  1. Aww, your Coco looks so pretty and comfy! I love my Coco as a travel dress as well! Maybe you're lucky with the weather in Berlin, it was a lot warmer (8-13 degrees) this week in Germany! I was in Iceland last year in July and even July was freezing cold, so if you're going in September you might want to make more warm Cocos and buy REALLY warm tights :D


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