Thursday, 20 September 2012

1960's Blouse

I've finished the vintage blouse I've been working on all week, want to see pictures??

This wasn't meant to be the crop top version of this pattern, but it certainly ended up a lot shorter than I expected!

I really like it though, might be perfect for the next time the vintage fair is in town.

I enjoyed working with the vintage pattern because it tested me.  Without all the instructions on the pattern itself I had to rely on my own knowledge, which was good, particularly as it turned out well!


Fabric: Gifted poly-cotton (I think).
Notions: Cover-your-own buttons.
Challenges:  Working with out the usual modern detailed instructions, and button holes- my first time on a item of clothing!
Lessons learnt:  I don't know, I'm sure it was just a good learning experience in general.
Hours: about 3 or 4, I think.
Cost: £2.50 for the buttons, everything else was a gift.
Do it again?: As it turned out shorter than I'd like to wear day-to-day, probably not, but I'll squirrel it away for when I know how to lengthen it correctly, maybe.

Freya May


  1. Hi, I made my way over here from the link up :) very cute, if you really think you might not wear it to often like this, it would look amazing as a dress, you can just gather an A-line cut skirt, attach it and make the buttons go all the way down :) if interested you can see some of my creations here:


    1. That is a great idea! Thank you. I'm out of the fabric I used, but something cute and complimentary would be perfect- I'll keep an eye out.
      Love your blog too, btw :)
      Freya May

  2. I really like this blouse a lot!

    <3 Melissa


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