Tuesday, 18 September 2012

DIY Tea Cosy

Every tea pot needs to be well dressed, and what better way than with a pretty cosy!!  This is a super easy way to make a tea cosy, perfect for your next tea party.

You Need:
Two pieces of lining fabric 12"x9"
Two pieces of patterned fabric 12"x9"
6cm of bias binding
A piece of batting also 12"x9"
Sewing machine

(these measurment fit my teapot, to make to measure, take the circumference of the teapot, half it and add 2" for ease and hems, and the hight of the teapot plus 2".)

Step One

Layer up your fabrics with the batting at the bottom, the lining on top of that and the outer fabric, face down, on the very top.

Then cut of the top corners, approx three inches down and across so you end up with pieces like in the below picture.

Step Two

Sew along the bottom long edge and iron the seem flat so that you can fold the outer layer back on top of the  other two so it looks like the bottom picture.  Repeat for both sides.

Step Three
Open up the layers so that the outer fabric and the batting are together and the lining fabric is lying out separately (see picture).  Layer each whole side together, right sides facing.  The outer layer and the batting sides should be together and the lining together. (let me know if that doesn't make sense.)

Take the bias binding or twill tape and make a loop, pin that between the outer and batting layers, facing inwards, so that when turned right side out it pokes out the top.

And sew around all sides bar one, about a half inch from the edge

Step Four

Trim the corners and turn the whole thing the right way out.

Then sew the hole closed.

Push the lining back inside the outter- and you're done!

So quick and easy, I made two in a short afternoon.


Freya May

Thirty Handmade Days


  1. This is a really cute idea and a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing! I would love if you would share this (and some of your other projects) over at my link party going on right now:


    Have a nice day!

  2. Great post. I look forward to making some! Ame from http://lalkadesigns.blogspot.com.au

    1. Thank you! Please post some pictures, I'd love to seenyour version too:)

  3. Just stumbled across this post! Such a cute project - I need to make one of these! I have three different cupcake fabrics in my stash that would be perfect :)


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