Thursday, 13 September 2012

Flowery A-Line Skirt

Here is a skirt I made over this summer.

 I made it using Simplicity 2413, view B.  It was actually quite tricky, because it is supposed to have pockets, which I put in originally, and it has an invisible zip.

this was the first time I had had a go at either pockets or invisible zips, and both took me a couple of attempts to get right.  Unfortunately, I also, accidentally made the skirt too big (does anyone else have problems measuring themselves?  I seem to change size daily!).  I actually sewed on the zip by hand in the end, after two or so attempts to do it on my machine.  Despite the zipper foot, it just wasn't working for me.

Because the skirt was too big I decided to take it in and sacrifice the pockets. In the end, I didn't mind because I've still ended up with a lovely, light weight, summery skirt that I love.

Fabric: Cotton that I was given for free.
Notions: Invisible zip.
Challenges:  the aforementioned zip, and the pockets.  The zip is on the side of the skirt, so one of the pockets is supposed to be attached to it there.  This took me ages to get right.
Lessons Learnt:  Still getting the hang of measuring myself to get a well fitting garment.
Hours: Again, didn't pay a lot of attention, but I'd say 5 or 6 with all the redoings.
Cost: Fabric was free, so I paid about £5 for the pattern and £1 for the zip.
Do it again? Definitely, going to try with a jersey maybe, and I want a second chance at those pockets.

Freya May

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