Saturday, 15 September 2012

New Pattern

I'm sure you know, I LOVE to charity shop- the hunt for treasures that others have cast off is a lot of fun!

This week I've had a really good week for charity shopping, and this here is one of the highlights-

I love finding dress patterns in charity shops, for one thing they are always dirt cheap!

Just £1 for this, unused pattern, that is ideal for work dresses or more formal event dresses.

Now, it's been added to my basket of patterns, so hopefully I'll find the ideal fabric to make something beautiful out of it soon.


Freya May



  1. Thanks for linking up!! I am one of the co-hosts over at Lara's Vintage!! Take care!! XoXo, Crystal from Billie Jean blog!

    1. Thanks for having me :) And thanks for checking out my blog too! XXX

  2. Score! Thanks for linking up hun!!


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