Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Lazy Girl Bunting

Over the last year I have made reams and reams of bunting, some to sell, some to decorate my house and some because I just kept cutting out fabric into triangles and needed to do something with them.

This is the method I've developed which not only makes the bunting very quickly, but minimises the amount of ironing needed, AND, in my opinion, makes the bunting extra cute.

You need:
At least two half meter lengths of cute fabric, or as many fabrics as you like! Mix it up. 
Bias binding
Sewing machine

Start by making your self a template, I like to make two out of an A4 sheet, but you can make them bigger or smaller.  I like tiny bunting too.

Then use the template and cut out about 24 (any even number really) of your fabrics.  You'll see here that I've cut it out with my regular scissors, but I advise that you use PINKING SHEARS, saves you time that I wasted, and is the reason it's a lazy option, see below.

The fabric I used here is from a double bed sheet set that I bought a while ago, so far I've made two cutlery rolls, a table runner, napkins, two small table clothes, lots of mini bunting, this bunting and I've got enough left to either make a sun dress or a tablecloth for the dining table.  Good going for £15!

Anyway, imagine that in the picture I've used pinking shears and we'll continue.  So, pair up your triangles, I've gone for matching fronts and back, but you could do alternatives and mix it up a little.  And sew them together, use the zig-zag stitch, for style!

So, gather your triangles, your bias binding and your pins.

Iron your bias binding in half, lengthways.

Then pin your triangles in between the fold.  I put a space half the length of each triangle between them.  

Then put it through your machine!
Again, I use the zig-zag stitch, less for style and more for security this time.

And Ta-Daa!!

Freya May

Thirty Handmade Days


  1. I love your bunting. going to make some soon
    thanks for the tips


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