Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Men's Shirt Refashion

I love the vintage fair that has popped up around the UK over the last year or so, full of pretty clothes, accessories and home wear.  Yay!

Last time I went I sew a tux shirt that has been refashioned to a really cute sleeveless blouse for women, but one quick look at the price tag let me know it wasn't to be.  It wasn't crazy expensive, but I can be a right cheapskate.

Lucky for me, less than two weeks later I found a men's dress shirt in a charity shop for £3.50! I snatched that up quick!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a good photo of the before, but it looked something like this-

Image from an old ebay post

Out with the seem ripper, I took off the collar, and the sleeves, leaving me with a shirt that looks like this-

Then, I took of about an inch off each shoulder and in at the waist so it fit my dressmakers dummy.  I think it was about two inches off each side.

So, I hemmed the sleeves, and sewed up the open collar, then set about adding darts.

This is the first time I've done darts without following instructions, so I'm super pleased with how it turned out!

I put in two darts on the back for shape, then bust darts too.  Now, it wasn't perfect, the front ones are a little wonky, but I'm please none the less.

So, almost done, but the length was wrong, the bottom of the shirt fell below my hips, so I cut it shorter to sit on my hips instead.

And, Da Dah!

Finished product-

Open Collared

All buttoned up.

The back (with wonky darts- error)

It was quite difficult, so took quite some time, mostly because as it got tricky I stepped back and left it for a while.

Really pleased with the result though, worn it a couple of times already, and I think it's a great item for layering in autumn and perfect on it's own in spring/summer.

Freya May


  1. Visiting from sewing barefoot - I love the ethos of upcycling and recycling. What a bargain and congrats to you for doing it without a pattern

  2. Thanks, I love refashioning clothes, hopefully I'll just keep improving:-)
    Freya May


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