Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Patchwork Cushion

So, for my first post on my new dressmaking blog I'm starting off with a patchwork pillow.  Sorry about that.

I made this pillow from a kit I got with birthday money on May.  I've done some quilting before, but really not very much, so it was quite a challange.

Here is the finished result.

I'm so please with it!

I'm going to make another so I've got a pair (I like sets of things...)

Fabric: Cottons in red, cream and red flowers, pre-measured and provided in pack.
Notions: None, envelope back  
Challenges: matching centres for patches (I don't know the technical term)
Lessons Learnt: Always make sure you know the measurement you are actually sewing to, or it will be quite wonky,
Hours: Didn't pay a lot of attention, but I'd say about 4 hours.
Total cost: £13 for the kit, free pillow from an old one we already owned.
Do it again?: I want to, so we've two matching.  Also, maybe in different colours, for Christmas for example.


Freya May

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