Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Very Own Labels!

I got something very exciting in the post today... My very own labels to put in or on my crafts!

I have wanted to order these for a while, and just went for it last week after a recommendation for company who makes them- wovenlablesuk.com

They cost me just £3.59 for 36 labels, including p&p and were delivered in 5 working days- perfect.

Now I'm going to spend lots of time adding them to things I've made, giving them a professional look :D

Freya May (Made)

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  1. Thanks for the website tip for your labels, I would like some for myself, if there is a space on their site I will say you recommended them. I have just received business cards from Vistaprint they were on sale so I thought why not - mine will be added to each item I will hopefully send when people hopefully order from me. Just making samples at present to give a feel and time span, thanks Freya x


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