Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Project Plans

It's started, the work, the reading that takes up all my fun free time- I had my first lectures earlier this week and already I'm using all my free time to not fall behind\with my reading, because that would be disastrous. I've worked the hours I'm going to need to put in with reading etc and, basically, damn, what have I gotten myself in for?!  It'll be ok, though, I hope!  I'm ready for the hard graft and I can always dream of my next project to fill my free half hours.  

For example-

See that coffee cup?  I don't think I drank a single cup of coffee last year at home, I prefer tea, but one week in, it's what I'm reaching for each day- uh oh! :D

So, planning on working on the pencil skirt from this pattern.  It's the same pattern I used for my green A-Line skirt, it'll have pockets this time, and another invisible zip- exciting times!

Freya May

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