Thursday, 4 October 2012

Red Gingham 50's Dress

I made this dress earlier this year, using the same pattern that I used for my blue polkadot dress

It's probably the forth dress I've made, so it's still got a million and one mistakes in its construction that niggle at me. 

All the same, we took it for a spin at Bradgate Park, and Dave played with his newest toy, an old school SLR camera. 

I love the shape of the skirt and the way it flairs out in the wind, or when you spin in it.  Such a fun dress to wear.  

Fabric: Polyester from Ebay
Notions: Regular Zip, bias binding as used for the ties, straps and to give me a little detail on the back.
Challenges: I had a little trouble with the whole thing in general, couldn't pull out a specific challenge as such.
Lessons Learnt: As above, this was all part of my learning curve so nothing in particular.
Hours: About 8, if I recall right.
Cost: £11 for the fabric, £6 for the lining fabric, plus about £3 for the notions.
Do it again?:  Well, this was my second go at this pattern, but I'm not sure that the style is something I'll actually wear a lot.  So, going to go with, no.

Freya May



  1. Aww! What a pretty dress xx

    1. Thamk you so much! I think it's darling, but I made it...


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