Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Simple Circle Skirt

I call this the nerd skirt because I see myself wearing it to the library and around uni, looking like a very stylish nerd!

Just wearing it makes me feel like I need to put my glasses on an curl up with a good book.

I love it, just love it!

I wanted to make some wintery clothes, as most of my current patterns and fabrics are really very summery.  So I hit Loughborough market for some thicker, warmer inspiration.

I found this grey herringbone fabric for a ridiculous £2.99 a meter, and picked up two meters.

Its just a simple circle skirt, with a side zip and a button on the waistband, really easy to make, not pattern needed at all.

The same stall had some really nice, heavy plaid that I want to find a use for... idea's on a postcard please!


Fabric: Grey herringbone polyester
Notions: One grey zipper (10") and a nice big button
Challenges:  None really, like I said, really easy design.  I guess though, that putting it together, off my own back and with out any instructions, well, that's pretty good going!
Hours: Aprox 4
Cost: £1.15 for the zip, the button was free and the fabric cost me just under £6.
Do it again?:  Totally!  Super easy to make and super easy to wear too!

Thanks for reading,

Freya May

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  1. Nice choice of fabric, its simplicity made it stand out! I love everything about it, specially the big button, its so catchy.


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