Thursday, 11 October 2012

White Strapless Dress

I made this over this last summer, from the Simplicity 4070 pattern.

The fabric is the other half of the second hand bed sheet that I picked up for about £2.50, I used the other side of the sheet for my green tea dress.

I actually had a go at altering this pattern a little, which was daring for my first attempt at a strapless dress, lots of first in this project.  I moved the zip from centre back to the side, just because that is where I prefer my zips to be.

This was also the first time I used boning in any dress.  It was surprisingly easy, I thought, once I got the seams right.

I'm pretty pleased with this, I looks fine.  But it is a little big on me, so I have to puff out my chest for it to sit with out riding down at all.

My plan is to make another dress with this bodice and a pencil skirt for a friends wedding in the new year, so I'll practice the fit until I get it right- don't want any embarrassing moments at a wedding, do we?!?

Fabric: Cotton bedsheet from the charity shop
Notions: a 14" zip, 3/4" boning
Challenges: My first go at boning was fun, but challenging, had to get the seem ripper out a couple of times
Hours: About 5-6.
Cost: £1.25 for the fabric and about £1 for the zip.
Do it again?:  Yeh, I think so!  I like this shape, just need to work on the fit.  And like I said above, I want to work with this pattern to design a different dress for the wedding.

Freya May

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