Tuesday, 13 November 2012

12 Crafts of Christmas- Coasters (Tutorial)


I am feeling quite ambitious this month apparently, uni reading, essay writing and shifts at work are clearly not enough to keep me busy.  So today, I am starting a short Christmassy series, "12 Crafts at Christmas"!(the first bit is a total lie, I have plenty to do, I just really wanted to do this too!)

I have twelve posts ready for your enjoyment, from sewing, to cooking, to a little bit of chemistry (ohhhh!)

This also means it is 6 weeks until Christmas, so I hope everyone is starting top get ready? :D

For you today, I have got a super easy, mega quick tutorial for some lovely coasters made from Christmas fabrics.

These make great Christmas presents, wrap up a selection in a pretty ribbon to give away.  Or keep them for yourself and enjoy the Christmas injection into your morning coffee or afternoon tea!

Of course, you could (and should) make them out of other fabrics for year round gifts and decor, it'll take you no time at all to whip up a dozen of them when ever you feel the need!

This, for me is the perfect time to make them, ready for December, when we put up our decorations, yay! I love the house when it is all decorated for Christmas- it's sooo pretty!

You will need:

Christmas Fabric
Iron on Interfacing (medium weight)
Sewing machine.

Step One
Draw round a coaster you already own on to the interfacing, and cut out.  You need twice as many as the number of coasters you plan on ending up with.

Step Two
Iron these onto the fabric you've chosen and cut around them again with about a cm boarder around the outside.

Step Three
Trim the corners and iron down the edgings.

Step Four
Sew two of these squares together, wrong sides together.

Step Five
Place your hot drink down for it to cool off a smidge.


Freya May xxx

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