Friday, 2 November 2012

Change of Plans

I blogged here about my next sewing plans, but I have changed my mind (luckily before I made any snips in to the fabric).

While cutting out the pattern pieces I got a better look at the construction of the skirt, and decided that the paper bag waist was not a good idea.  I've never tried one on, but as some one who carries her weight around her middle and bum, its not going to do me any favours   AND, one of the points of sewing your own clothes is to make stiff tailored to fit, so there is no point in putting effort in to making stuff that isn't going to suit me!

So, I need new plans, but currently my problem is twofold; I have fabric I want to use, but no pattern for it, and I have patterns I want to make, but no suitable wintry fabrics.  And, I'm not really in the mood to make sun dresses in this weather.

I guess, actually, it's threefold- I'm currently a girl on a budget, so heading to the market to add to my fabric stash isn't at the top of my to-do list.  

So, the change in plans.

After making a green version of this dress, I'm going to get on with making the Blue version, ready for the release of Mockingjay in the cinema! It will be a light weight, summery dress, but it's a good next project, I think.

And, I'm going to make myself some much needed new pyjama bottoms out of some pink stretchy fabric I have had forever.  I need some new ones, so I guess having a go at making them is a good idea- can't be too hard, can it?

As for the third problem, to some it will come as no surprise  I'm heading to the charity shops to try and find some fabric that makes me want to make some winter dresses or what not out of.

So, I hope to find some space to get on with this plan, Uni is still taking up a lot of time, but I've done with my readings for Monday- two whole days earlier than this last week! Pleased with that.

Freya May

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