Sunday, 2 December 2012

12 Crafts of Christmas- Christmas Tree Bunting!

Today I want to share a tutorial for some super festive bunting I made for out house- Christmas Tree Bunting!!!

I found some clipart on a quick Google search which was the shape I wanted and printed of two per A4 sheet

Use these to cut out your fabric in a nice 'tree' colour (obviously I mean green, but I don't want to stifle your creativity)

Then sew on to your bias binding or ribbon, and voila! the perfect Christmassy touch for every home.

Now, if I were to make these again, like my lazy girls bunting, I would make twice as many trees and sew them back to back.  I think this would give them more strength to hold their shape and look great.  

Also, these are fresh out of the box from last Christmas, so clearly need an iron! Sorry :)

We've got all our decorations out and up on the walls etc today! So fun!!! The plan was just to put up the tree, but as soon as I found all the trinkets and stuff I just had to put them out too :D The lights are up, the advent calender is hung and everything looks awesome!! I'll totally share photos asap.

In other news, my masters is taking up all my time! :) Luckily, I actually love what we're studying, but wow, is it intese at the moment.  I'm shattered and worried I'm not working hard enough, so I just keep ploughing on through.  Bring on 14th January, that's the deadline for my essays, bring it on!

Freya May


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