Wednesday, 12 December 2012

#imapiece Craftivism

I first heard of The Craftivist Collective at Greenbelt this summer, they had a workshop in one of the festival tents, and 'pop-up' craftivist activities over the weekend.  It's an inspired idea- combining craft and activism to get your point across and make it much more accessible to so many people.

The I'm a Piece project is in aid of Save the Children's Race Against Hunger campaign, and they are asking everyone to get involved!

The aim is to collect puzzle pieces that have been sewn by craftivists across the UK and put them together on display in protest and to ask the government to lead the way to end child poverty and hunger.

It literally took me less than twenty minuets to make my pieces, and I just need to finish off the embroidery before I send them to the collective and my local MP.  If I know you IRL, lets get together and make our pieces of the puzzle, it's good fun and it helps others too.

Freya May

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