Monday, 14 January 2013

10 things to do this year

So, after getting on with my essays, I'm quite late with my new year and resolutions post, please forgive me.

I wanted to say 'Thank You' to the girls who guest posted for me while I was off, I loved all their creations and have placed them all firmly on my 'to-do' list :D

Despite having a lot of work almost everyday, I had a great Christmas holiday!  Dave and I cooked for his family, so there was six of us on Christmas day, then my family came over for the evening and we played games and ate and had a thoroughly good time.

For New Years we had a 'hobbit' themed feast! Meats and Cheeses and Breads- yum! Followed by a lovely weekend with friends at Centre Parcs, and I managed to hand three essays in today- and I'm feeling good!

I have some time to do some actual sewing these next two weeks, and I'm so glad- not had the chance to sit at my machine for what feels like ages and ages.  I've some projects lined up, and a couple of repair jobs, it'll be so nice to be creative again (I don't count essays as creative).

So I've gone for 10 aims for the year, I don't feel any of them are particularly outlandish (except the tattoo one, I guess, but I've wanted one for ages!).  Things like get my Masters and move house should happen quite naturally anyway in the course of life, but reading the Lord of the Rings will be challenging, as it's a heavy book and I feel guilty when I read anything but textbooks.

Making a dress (or any hand made item, really) a month might be challenging too, finding the time for one thing.  But I'm going to have a go at the idea Tilly put forward about just setting aside 15-30 min a day to sew, as it's nearly impossible to find the full few hours to sit and sew all in one time slot.  I makes a lot of sense, so I'm giving it a go, and hopefully I'll be able to share lots more projects with you than I made last semester.

So, what projects have I got in mind?
I want to make a 1960's style wiggle dress for Dave's 25th Birthday party. (Madmen themed?)
An dress for Easter from a pair of vintage curtains I found in a charity store.
A dress to wear to our friends wedding in the summer.
And finish the blue dress I started forever ago!

And if I manage all that, I'm going to treat myself to some new patterns- I'm thinking tops!


  1. stumbled on your blog via the blog hop at:

    those are some great things to get done this year!! i def have a huge 2013 "to do" list

    New follower via email! :-)

    1. Hi, nice to have you :D Good luck with your 'to-do' list!!!

  2. Great list! I am reading LOTR with my 12 year old - it's great!
    On sewing, I think it's a great idea to shoot for 15 mins or so a day, rather than waiting til you have a long stretch of time to devote to it. It's surprising what you can get done that way.
    Look forward to seeing more of your projects in 2013.
    (I am another new follower)

    1. Hi,thanks for following:D
      I'm quite excited by my list, I just need to keep an eye on it to make sure I remember all I want to do.
      Hope your 12 year old is enjoying the LOTR, I'm half way through the fellowship and really enjoying it!


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