Friday, 4 January 2013

Guest Post: Liz's Ipad Mini Case

I'm taking two weeks off blogging to write my end of semester essays, so I leave you in the hands of some of my favourate bloggers, to entertain you while I sit in the library, pulling my hair out and trying not to fail :D

Today, I give you a guest blog from Elizabeth, who I know from school and who blogs at". She's got a nifty tutorial for you for a Ipad (mini) or kindle 



Quilted iPad Mini Case

So I tripped and fell one weekend and accidentally bought an iPad Mini… and of course it needed a case to keep it safe on its many travels. Enter stage right my lovely new sewing machine (an early Christmas present) and I set about sewing myself a little pouch, making it up as I went along…. 
Here’s what I did!
Materials: Scissors, sewing machine, various threads, needle, pins, fabric for front and lining, wadding, button and elastic for the fastening and something to put into the finished case, i.e. a shiny new ipad!
1. I started by making up the quilt sandwich with my lining fabric, wadding and floral fabric. I pinned and tacked it together with some old thread to hold it in place. 
2. This was my first time quilting on a machine so I followed the method I would use if I was hand-quilting: I made a template and marked out the lines with masking tape to quilt along. Turns out this probably wasn’t the best method since sometimes the masking tape caught but it did the job fine. People who machine quilt what do you usually do to mark out where to quilt along? 
3. I hemmed the two short edges and attached a button and elastic to make my fastenings. 
4. Next I simply sewed the long edges together and trimmed off the excess. Taking the “winging it” approach meant I had a lot of excess fabric at the sides as I didn’t really measure anything. I found folding the material around my ipad and drawing around it was the easiest way to get the size right. 
5. Turn inside out and hold your breath while you check it fits and hope no ones sees the wonky stitching!

Elizabeth can be found crafting and reposting pictures of furry animals at


  1. Hi, I love your blog so much that I nominated it for the Liebster Award! Please click the link to find out more :)

    1. :D Thank you!!! That's really lovely of you! xxxx


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