Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Second Hand Finds

Over the holidays I managed to make time to wander round the charity stores in town, and I was successful in coming home with some lovely new fabric for my new year projects!

First, I found this woolen tartan in the form of a size 18 ankle length kilt!  I love the colours and have been wanting to make a tartan skirt for a while, so snatched it up for about £3.

Stupidly though, I washed it when I got home,  and dried it in out tumble dryer = felted!!!


I still think I can make a lovely skirt out of it (or at least, I will still try), but obviously, I'm going to need to line it now.

I plan on making a half circle skirt out of it, so wont be using a pattern.  I want it to have some flair, but I also want it to be shorter than my grey skirt, so I don't want too much flair.

Then I found this beautiful upholstery fabric, you'll never believe how much I got, nor how much I paid... £10, for 9m of 1988 A&V Habitat fabric.  I'm guessing it's rrp now would be about £20/m!!!

I've already put Dave to work and he's done our dining chairs, I'm planning on saving the rest until we move and I can use it to make curtains and accessories for our dinning room.

Although, it's such strong and pretty fabric, I might make myself a tote bag or something out of it first.

And lastly, This gorgeous yellow stripped vintage curtain fabric.

I'm likely to make a dress/skirt out of this for Easter Sunday.  However, I also really like the idea of them as curtains, and so might wait until we move and see if there is the right space for them, the kitchen window perhaps?

Honestly, I'm probably going to go for the best of both worlds and make a skirt out of one curtain and a blind out of the other.


  1. What great finds! I neve seem to be able to find decent fabric at thrift stores. Hopefully my luck will change soon!

    1. Persevere! I spend far too much time in second hand stores, that's the only secret to my luck :D
      Freya May

  2. Your mind and hands are very talented. They are creative and clever. The things you do with second hand finds are what I called "dime-store alchemy." :)
    Ed of

  3. I love finding vintage fabric. I sometimes have better luck with vintage fabric than pricey fabric stores. And that yellow floral is heaven!

    1. Vintage fabric is more hit and miss, but when you hit is can be awesome! I cant wait to make soething out of the yellow- its so summery! xxx

  4. Great finds!! The chairs look great! Thanks for linking up!

  5. And you should have seen them before! Thanks for hosting:)


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