Monday, 11 February 2013

Sewing at the Weekend

I've been really quite productive recently, unfortunately  most of this has been in the sewing department, which, while fun, isn't really what I should be doing.

One project I am glad I've gotten done is new cushion covers for our sofa.

I'm quite fussy about cushion covers- I struggle to find fabric designs that I like enough.  Lucky for me, I found this fabric in my stash, and thought "actually, that's perfect!"

Now, I LOVE envalope pillow covers, L.O.V.E. them.  Why?  because I'm L.A.Z.Y. So when I found these instructions on Pinterest, I was even happier!  What? Just two hems and two seems? Awesome!

I found these buttons in my stash which are perfect to finish them off.  They were a present for my birthday a couple years ago, and I've been looking for the perfect project to use them in for ages.  They're fairly traded and hand made in Africa- and  they're SO pretty!!

All in all really please with this mini project that took me all of one hour.  But my cushion adventures aren't over yet, oh no.  I'm planning on making some scrappy, patchwork ones to go with.  Ordered a mixed bag of 100 4"x4" scrap pieces of fabric off Ebay for £6, so will be getting on with that when I finish my uni reading (like that's ever going to happen!)


  1. Thanks for the tutorial I've never thought to cover my cushions like that...great idea they look really nice.

    1. Thank you! So quick, so easy- cant go wrong :D xxx

  2. These cushion covers are lovely! Pinned it and will make some for our new flat after the move!


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