Monday, 15 April 2013

Dreaming of Sewing

Oh, how much do I want to have finished with my essays already! One almost down, two to go.

I've got a few projects lined up ready for when I'm done already!

I've got this dress almost finished, but I'm intimidated by the attaching the straps, so will wait until I can focus my attention on it.

And added to my pile of summer sewing is this lovely bright red cotton I picked up at Ikea when we went last week.  I'm planning on having a go at an A-line skirt, for the first time. I've been thinking, perhaps I should steer away from the full and gathered skirts, and make more A-line ones.  They're still beautiful and Feminine, but without all those gathers drawing attention to my belly.  Bonus point, they're also much more 'grown up', which I'm aiming for too- I don't need help looking younger than I am.

a-line skirt dressmaking

I'm going to use a pattern that came with my shiny new copy of Dressmaking, by Alison Smith. Currently £10 in The Works, just an fyi.

Dressmaking Smith DK

I've got more than a couple of Sewing books, but I've found this one to be the most helpful general dressmaking one so far.  As a newby, I think it has everything I need to really start improving my skills, from the different seam finishes, to basics in altering patterns.  Plus it comes with about 15 patterns too, from skirts to trousers to jackets.  It certainly has become my go to book.

Anyway, back to the essays.


  1. Ooooh, I do love that dress, the shape is lovely... I hope you finish your other dresses quickly so you can get it finished, looking forward to seeing it. :) I have recently got some fabric from Ikea too, I think it's really well priced, especially for me who makes a lot of mistakes! Thanks for recommending that book too, I think I might get it. :) x

    1. I just hope it works out well! Ikea is totally worth a trip and well priced too! I hadn't really ever checked it out before last week, but I'll be sure to go back!

  2. Love that Cynthia Rowley pattern! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

    1. It's a tricky one, but I hope it'll be worth it :S xxx

  3. Hey! I love your blog and I wanted to let you know that we've given you the Liebster Blog Award because we love your blog! Stop by and check it out!


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