Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Latest Sorbetto Blouses

 Over MMM'13 I've found that I have fewer tops than I though I did, so, naturally, I made some more Sorbettos as they are so easy and so cute.  This has helped me add variety to my may wardrobe, because to be honest, I was getting bored with the limits that my MM wardrobe set.

I made this using the Sorbetto pattern and a second hand men's shirt it a cute mint green.  The photos aren't great as its a horribly grey day today,

And I found this cotton in Fenwicks, Leicester, haberdashery,  for £6.75/m, and knew it would made a fab Sorbetto. 

This is my favourite Sorbetto to date, and it gave me the chance to use my new bias binding makers that I got for my birthday!   I made 1/2" binding and it was quite tricky.  It's certainly something I'm going to need to practice before I get it perfect, but the lengths that I made were usable, so yay! 

I probably wont be making any more Sorbettos, as I think 4 is quite enough for now.  Perhaps when I feel like having a go adapting patterns, this would be a good one to start with.  I could try adding sleeves, or a collar or something?


  1. I love everything you make! I was wondering if you had one of those tools for your bias binding, I never knew about them until I saw Sewing Bee. It looks very complicated! Well done for getting some usable lengths, and think of all the different pretty bias bindings you'll be able to make now. :)

    1. I know! I'm gunna use it every where, for hems and edges and everything ever!!!! lol, might be too excited :p

  2. I just made my first Sorbetto last week. I have a bias binding tool, but I used purchased binding on mine. I was feeling lazy.

    1. It was a lot of effort to make- I dont blame you :) Have you blogged about ur top? xxx


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