Saturday, 4 May 2013

Me Made May Week One

First (half) week of MMM'13 is going well, got lots of options to choose from at the moment so am not finding it difficult yet.  Here is a round up of what I've been wearing this week!

I've mostly been working from home this week, reading and writing and getting on with my third and final essay (woop!).  So on Wednesday I threw on one of the most comfortable outfits in existence.  I thrifted and then refashioned these jeans last summer to make them into cute crops.  They are still quite loose on me, but I'm ok with that, even though that wasn't the plan, necessarily.   The top I wore on Wednesday is just another Simplicity 4438, but in a larger size with out any darts for a looser, casual fit.  It's made with a cotton jersey I bought on eBay.  You can definitely see I was going for comfy casual on Wednesday.

My outfit for Thursday on the other hand is quite formal in comparison.  I was just having the kinda day where I wanted to dress up a little, so I did.  Nothing in this outfit is made from scratch, but I refashioned both the skirt and the top.  The top used to be a shift dress that had shrunk from just above the knee to mini! So I cut it even shorter and removed the side zip to make it into a shell top.  The skirt was a hand-me-down which was a size too big and had a really unflattering ruffle around the waist, so I took it in and ripped off that ruffle- now it's one of my favourite skirts ever.

On Friday I was back to dressing for comfort, so I wore a Sorbetto top and leggings and hung around the house all day.

And Saturday, today, I am wearing my latest up-cycled blouse, skinny jeans and a cardigan. Slightly more dressed up than yesterday, by which I mean I've left the house in this outfit.  


  1. I love them all, you are so clever! Oh how I dream of making my own clothes! I think my favourite look is Thursday, I am impressed that the top was originally a dress! :)

    1. Thanks! I loved the dress, so I'm so glad I got to keep it in a new form!

  2. That blue skirt is amazing! I need to sew more casual clothes. I make a lot of fancy dresses I almost never wear which is part of the reason why I can't attend MMM (yet) :)

    1. Thanks:D I hope you can do MMM at some point- so fun!xxx


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