Friday, 24 May 2013

MMM'13 Week Four

On Saturday I wore my new red skirt, and had the sewn in shopping incident.  Then, Sunday was a lovely day with friends visiting to sort out the music that Dave is organising for their wedding in three weeks time, so I wore my up-cycled blouse leggings and a second hand cardi.

Went into Leicester to fill in the forms for the house we're hoping to rent from next month, we then had dinner out at the good ol' Slug and Lettice, my treat as I learnt that I had got the summer temp job I had been interviewed for two weeks ago :) I wore my purple peplum top, vintage cardi (not shown),skinny jeans and flats.

Tuesday was back to working at home so I opted for a comfortable t-shirt and jeans outfit.

Now, Wednesday, I can't for the life of me remember what I wore, and I seem to have forgotten to photograph it, so Wednesday will have to remain a mystery.  But trust me, I'm sure I wore MM clothes at least.

On Thursday, the cold that Dave has been battling all week caught up with the both of us, we spent the day at home being ill.  Naturally that called for t-shirt and leggings.  We were supposed to go to my mums for tea, but I called to cancel as Dave was passed out on the sofa.  Instead, she and my sister came to us.  I shoved some frozen fish and chips in the oven and they brought cheesecake (which I loooove!).  Was a lovely evening in the end, just relaxed and hung out with family.

I'm still not feeling 100% today, but we are heading to Cambridge to visit my Brother-in-law and his fiancee, go the the beer festival and see Muse at the Emirates Stadium tomorrow night, so I've got to get well, asap!  I'm wearing a brand new Sorbetto top that I finished off yesterday, with handmade bias binding and everything! So proud of this, I'll do it it's own post in the week.

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  1. I think it's so funny that you forgot to photo Wednesday, ha ha. Well done for making your own bias binding, looking forward to reading that post. The Sorbetto top looks lovely. Well done for getting the temp job too, I hope you can still find time for sewing. You'll have lots more money for fabric then (you'll have to make something fabulous for your new place) - exciting! I love Muse, have a great time and I hope you are feeling better in time! x


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