Friday, 17 May 2013

MMM'13 Week Three

Sunday, I kinda cheated a little at MMM, I did not make that dress. I bought it second hand.  But I did make a small alteration, so I count it as a refashion, sorta...  Have you noticed recently that most dresses for sale in high street store, especially New Look, where I tend to shop, they have included an elasticated waistband in all their dresses?  Ugh! I hate them, I've returned a couple of dresses in the past because of that feature.  Anyway, so I bought this dress, originally from New Look and sporting the offensive elastic waist, for £5 second hand, took my scissors to it and removed the elastic, restitching it together to form a perfectly lovely a-line dress.  I needed something lovely to wear as we spend Sunday meeting my Brother-in-laws future in-laws.  

Monday was another refashion, I wore my cream, lace top with a black skirt, fun tights and my favourite belt to a job interview.  Hoping to get some summer work in the university library, finger crossed.

Tuesday was my birthday! And I wore my favourite, and only truly successful (so far) dress.  It's a tiny polka dot fabric, slightly blurred by the camera.  I love this dress, just love it.  I was the first thing I made on my own and it was so easy to put together, I'm so very proud of it.

From Wednesday I'm back to studying and sewing at home so I just wanted to wear something comfortable.  This blue 'vintage' t-shirt was ideal, paired with jeans and a cardigan.

Thursday and Friday were/are study/sew days too, but I did go for a wander around town on Thursday to break up the day.  Dave worries that I don't go out enough when I'm working from home, he thinks I go stir crazy.  Perhaps he's right, as it does feel so good to leave the house and breath fresh air!  As I was going out, I decided real clothes were in order, so I wore my grey circle skirt, with a cute blouse and oversized jumper.

Today, however, I don't feel like going anywhere!  I'm not dressed for it or anything.  In my leggings and home made t-shirt, I'm super comfortable and happy, relaxing and reading at my desk.


  1. Cute outfits! I think the refashion counts. I never have "real" clothes on when I'm at home, either.

    1. Good, I did feel like I was cheating! lol

  2. Well done for yet another successful MMM week! I absolutely adore the polka dot dress too, no wonder you are proud of it! Good luck with the job, hope you get it. :) x

    1. Thanks :) I got the job! So a great week was had! xxx


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