Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Lovely New Red A-Line Skirt

I'm so pleased to share with you my latest make- the red a-line skirt from my Dressmaking book.  I finally got it finished yesterday, and got round to taking photos this morning.  I'm so pleased with it.  I love the colour! It has dawned on me recently that red is one of my best colours, I'm always drawn to it and it suits me well.

the front

The back

The pattern came free when I bought Dressmaking by Alison Smith as a downloadable/print-it-yourself one.

It's a simple style, and super easy to put together.  the only thing that caught me of guard was when the instructions told me to do a lapped zip, as I've never done one before.  I know, it's the basic method, but I've just left my zips unconcealed before now as I didn't know any better.  That's is totally one of the benefits of working through an instructions manual, learning how to do things the proper way, and not just winging it!

And check it out!  I'm rather pleased with the result.  There is still a small gap at the top of the zip, I'm working on learning to place them high up enough so that goes away.

my awesome zip!

I know this is a piece that is going to get a lot of wear, I mean I actually wore it before it was technically finished!  I ran out of red cotton before I finished the button hole, so when I wanted to wear it on Saturday, I sewed myself into it!  This was fine, until I forgot and went to try on clothes while shopping- I had to do a quick turn and apologise to the changing room staff- I was so embarrassed! lol.


  1. It looks great and I am so impressed with your zip! Well done, I will never master zips - agggh! That's so funny you wore it unfinished. :) The colour is great and you are right, it suits you!

    1. This is at least my 10th zip, practice is boring but so pleased with the pay off! Thanks, I love this skirt now, wardrobe staple!xxx

  2. Super cute! I wish I had sewing skills! Le sigh.

    1. Let me know if you ever start learning, its great to have people learning along side you.

  3. Awesome...!!!!!!!


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