Thursday, 4 July 2013

Middle of the Year


I've missed you! I've been so busy moving house and re-starting my dissertation, sadly, I've not done a stitch of sewing :(

Instead of showing you my latest creation- as it doesn't exist- I wanted to see how I'm getting on with my 10 Things To Do In 2013.  It's roughly the middle of 2013, scary I know!!

1. I'm still working my way through LoTR, it's such a dense series, but I'm about half way through The Two Towers, so for halfway through the year, I think I'm on track.  Plus, after September I'll have so much more time to read! Woop!

2. I've found some sample tattoo's, pinned to my Pinterest board.  Not yet got one, but I know what I'd like when I get round to it.

3. Seeing as I've branched out from dresses and made a range of items, I'd say so far so good on making a dress each month.  I have a few plans in line too, so this should continue.

4. Just got my semester two results in and the prospect of passing my MA is looking good! Just really need to crack on with the dissertation now, two months to go.

5. Well. Just moved house last week- Done!

6.  I haven't yet signed up for the race for life, but I am on week 5 of 9 of a couch2fiveK program, and I'm so pleased with my progress! I might not end up doing the race, but I'm gunna be able to run the distance.  This is huge for me.  I've always enjoyed running, but I haven't got much stamina, it is amazing to be able to see my progress in this program.  Loving it!

7. We can just ignore that one now :)

8. My jumper is coming along so nicely!!! I'm on the first sleeve, so close to the end.  I'm really happy with it, but I'm also getting bored of it- can't wait until I finish and can start on my next project.  I've got one lined up on Ravalry, a cute half cardi :)

9. I think I've been taking more photos, but It's actually quite hard to measure.  Happy with the photos I've taken so far :)

So far so good!

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