Monday, 26 August 2013

Festival Fun and a Simple Refashion

Hey, you lot!

This weekend (and today) I'm at Greenbelt, a Christian Arts and Music Festival in Gloucestershire.  This is the seventh time we've gone to the festival, and it's the most fun ever! I love going and finding new music to listen to, there are a number of venues with different music, from folk to worship, to rock and roll, indie and to whatever you would classify Duke Special as.  Dave likes to go to the talks, on everything from The Role of the Church Today to talks on the Palestine/ Israel Conflict and other controversial issues, then there are art and writing workshops, a gallery of photos submitted by punters, art installations all over the site, drama, dance, the beer tent, a mini cinema, silent disco, and a huge communion service on the Sunday.  The variety of stuff means no two Greenbelts are the same and it really is up to you to make the most of it in any way you want to.  Anyways...

One of my favourite things about getting ready to go is choosing my wardrobe.  I like to take as little as possible, so plan out what I want to wear in advance and just make sure I've got enough layers (we're in Britain, it's gunna be cold).

Sticking with my dresses-and-wellies festival staple I decided to include handmade/refashioned items as much as I could.  Though I was still finishing off one dress on Thursday night before we left!!  I've taken one rtw dress, the green sun dress I made last month, a white sun dress I'll share next week and this refash.

I found this dress in our unpacking when we moved.  Dave wore it on his stag do, and his best men must have found it in a charity shop.  It's genuine vintage, I'd guess 1980's but I'm not great at knowing.  It was a size 16.

As the skirt back has shirring, the skirt fit me perfectly with no adjustment, but the top of the dress was too big by far- I did not have the boobs to fill it out.  So I detached the skirt and top, and took in the top.  I wanted to keep the original shape, but make it fit.  I had to add bust darts to the otherwise shapeless bodice, and I had to lower the armscys too.  I took it up about four inches, and hand stitched the hem.  This is not something I normally do (too lazy) but the original hem was hand stitched and that inspired me.  I took me about 2 hours to finish that step!  Then I took in about two inches on either side, sewed it back together to the skirt, and ta da! Finished item.

I started using the 2 second delay on my camera which was fun! I used to use the 10 second delay, so I had time to compose myself, but the rush meant I didn't have time to worry about poses and just got on with it.   Although there were some photos where I didn't have time to check my face wasn't doing something stupid- I have edited those out to avoid embarrassment :)

Using 2 second delay meant I took a lot more photos than usual because it took much less time and by the end things were getting a little silly- exhibit A;

Exhibit B;


  1. The perfect festival dress! Looks really stylish now and as the perfect length. That festival sounds awesome - never heard of it before! need to find out more so I can go next year :)

  2. I haven't heard of Greenbelt, but it does sound good! And that dress looks perfect for it, we've had such good weather too! I really like the fabric. :)


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