Monday, 12 August 2013

Pile of Things I Want to Sew

This is my pile of current projects.  In it you'll find shiny grey/silvery fabric which I'm going to make a bow tie from for a friend.  I'm quite excited by this, should be good fun and something new.  Its fore my brother-in-laws wedding next weekend, so this is firmly at the top of my pile.

The black and white paisley fabric is going to become cushion covers for our living room.  I'm going to try using piping for the first time on these so also quite exciting!  I found this fabric at Ikea, for £5/m and it is perfect for our living room.  It's quite a heavy cotton.  

Then we've got three sun dresses I want to whip up before the cold sets back in (it is just 14 degrees today:( )  The yellow fabric has been on my 'to do' pile for ages and I've cut out all the pattern pieces but not got around to sewing it together yet.  I'm using Simplicity 2196 as my pattern.

Both the other yellow dress and the white embroidery anglese  are going to be different versions of  Simplicity 4070, seen there.  The Yellow is going to be a strapless dress with a simple skirt and I'm going to use the strapless pattern with the straps from another pattern to make a super cute white dress. 

In other news- kittens!  

I present to you four day old kittens.  My sister is hand-rearing them and I'm cat sitting this afternoon, they are totally adorable.

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