Thursday, 1 August 2013

Super Quick DIY Chalkboard Draws

As I've been sorting out my sewing space in our new house I've added to my list of little DIY's that need doing- hanging photos, buying storage boxes ect, and today I had the time to do a useful, quick DIY on my Ikea draws which house my random sewing things.

Here's what I started with-

As you can see I've already been organised, using my label maker to show what is in each draw.  But that doesn't mask the random mark on that draw, nor is it easy to see from a far.  It just isn't good enough!

So I got myself some chalkboard paint (£6 at Wilkinsons, fyi)  and took ten minutes before church this morning to give each draw a lick of paint.

Another coat when we got back, let it dry for 10 minutes in the sun and they were ready!

Here they are, back on my shelves, full of the useful bits and pieces I need at hand.


  1. oh I love this idea! I so need to do this ~ thanks!


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