Wednesday, 11 September 2013

WIP's in September

The summer is coming to an end (Booo!) but I've still got a number of summer works in progress yet to complete.  So, I've made myself a deal, spend September on my WIP's and I can give myself a present of new patterns!  Fair, I'd say.

I've got three sun-dresses to complete, a present I can't tell you about just yet, a quilt cover, some cushion covers to finish off and a tote bag, Plus some stash busting aprons I want to make to sell at craft fairs.

I'm not going to start any new projects until all the WIP's are done and out of the way- most of them should take 10 minutes to complete, so I have faith in myself to do this.  Also I need to go fabric shopping before I start any new projects as I seriously lack winter cloth.

Here is my first finished item-

It's based on the Hostess Apron I've made a couple of times before, but with some minor adjustments to sizing and things as I needed to squeeze it out of the fabric I bought.

This has being sitting in my WIP pile for longer than I'm going to admit, so I am very happy that it is finished with.  It got put in the pile after a mistake with the pocket placement and I couldn't face unpicking and starting over.  When I sat down to finish it though, took me just 30 minutes!


  1. I love quick sewing projects myself! They can get you back in the groove and off to buy more fabrics. I love your combination of the dots with the floral for this apron! Keep on sewin'!!! ~ Suzan

    1. Thank you! quick projects are certainly helping me get my mojo back :D Really enjoy being able to finish things so quickly!

  2. I love the apron.The fabric you chose gives it a real vintage feel. I dont think women wear them enough. I personally admit that I just put on my old bathrobe to cook in, but it is embarrassing when company shows up. In fact, that poor robe looks so bad it might turn off your appetite.

    1. lol- oh dear, well I promise this apron can be whipped up in no time, maybe have a go? :D

  3. Good job! It's hard getting all of the WIPs out of the way, I have a couple too, but finishing them is always the hardest thing! You have made me determined to get something finished this weekend! :)


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