Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A/W Sewing Plans

I've just about finished my WIPs, not really, but I'm happy to stop where I've gotten to.  I showed off the yellow dress I finished a couple of weeks ago, I just need to add a zip to another dress and I'm leaving the third dress until next spring now, I just really want to get on with sewing up my Autumn/Winter wardrobe!!!  I've been collecting fabrics and patterns with A/W in mind for a couple of months, so I'm itching to get on with everything!

I'm super excited about these plans! I'm having a go at using independent patterns for the first time- independent pattern companies are right up my street.  I try to support independent businesses and the like as much as possible, but being a gal on a budget the higher prices often put me off.  However, I had a thought- I tend to buy two or three patterns at a time from the Big 4, so, if I buy one independent pattern at a time it comes to about the same price- and it's probably better not to collect patterns, but curate a great collection. 

I found this jersey on the market.  The stall is literally just a pile of lengths of different fabrics, mostly cheap jerseys.  I found this though, about three meters of what feels like cotton jersey for £3!   I'm planning to make Dixie DIY's Ballet Dress out of this.

I've been eyeing up the Belladone by Deer and Doe for months and months.  I bought the tartan fabric on my birthday back in May with this dress in mind, I am soo excited to put this dress together.  It's going to be my Christmas dress, so it'll be a while before I share it with you.

I've been thinking hard about my style while planning my A/W wardrobe, which I hope you can see from my fabric choices.  I know that more projects will sneak their way in to this pile, such is my way, but If I get these made over the next few months, I'm going to be very pleased with myself.


  1. Oh, I really like all your sewing plans! Also I made up one of the vintage dress patterns you sent me, it's on my blog now :)

  2. I am sure the Belladone will look amazing in your tartan fabric. I can imagine it very well with warm tights and a jumper in winter :) Your other garment plans also look really lovely and I am looking forward to seeing them made up!


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