Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Long Standing WIP Finished But I Can't Say I'm Happy With It

I've had this blue dress on my WIP pile for, literally, over a year now.  I am so glad it's finished, but I'm really not happy with how it has come together.  The main problem is the general quality of my sewing on this; I made some minor mistakes but they've kinda added up and all together make the finished product less than great.  Secondly, despite making a toile before, the bodice doesn't fit me well at all! It's way too long and hangs of my shoulders horribly.


I had trouble with almost every seam, and have had to re-hem it twice when my machine wouldn't play ball.  The sleeves took two attempts too, and they still aren't nearly right- I gave up when I realised the dress was essentially a disaster.


Wearing it makes me feel like I'm in a hospital gown or something.  That's partly the fabric, which was a bad choice for a dress like this, not drapey enough and too thin, and the perfect colour for an in-patent.  I had hoped that I would wear this to the Catching Fire film when we go see it, as a copy-cat attempt of Katness's dress from the first film, but I doubt this dress ever gets worn again.

I'm glad it's not longer in a pile, judging me for leaving it unfinished, but this dress was a real fail and has left me feeling all deflated.  Such a shame after I my yellow dress turned out so well and I was so please with it!

On a brighter note, now I can properly start on my A/W sewing plans! I've cut out the pieces for the Airelle top already, and picked up some red thread yesterday so there is no stopping me now!

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