Monday, 18 November 2013

Finished Project- Mod Shift Dress

I've not done this in a while- bought a new pattern on a whim and made it up within a week!  I was totally enamoured with the new patterns recently released by Sew Over It, so I ordered the Ultimate Shift Dress and rushed to the market to buy fabric the day it arrived! I figured every dressmaker needs a basic shift dress pattern too.  I have many plans for this pattern, I really do!

So, I saw a dress I wanted in TopShop, and I set about recreating it.  It's a lush crushed velvet shift dress, with a lace peter pan collar and sleeve cuffs.  Annoyingly, it's not on the TopShop website, so you'll have to take my word for it.  The ultimate shift dress pattern is perfect for recreating this dress, so this is my version- and I love it!

I cut the dress length then shortened it by four inches to make it mini, but a wee bit longer than the tunic length (the pattern also offers a top length option).  I also shortened the sleeves, so they finish at my elbows instead of being bracelet length- I intended to add sleeve cuffs in the same lace as the collar, but I forgot and finished the sleeve ends.

So, I cut out the size 12 based on my measurements, but as I was using a stretchy fabric which just hung loosely on me, so I took it in an inch on either side.  This the fit is still lose and casual, but not so baggy and funny looking.

I self drafted the collar pattern, which is not perfect- somehow, one side is marginally shorter than the other, but the difference is only obvious at the back, so I'm letting it pass.  I took my pick of the wide selection of laces on my local market stall, and chose this lovely daisy patterned one as its a little different and very cute.  I got a half meter of it, which is way more than I needed, so I've got lots left over for other projects. 

I wore this dress out on Saturday night, it's the perfect party dress- loose, comfortable and so pretty.  I got lots of complements, even before people know I had made it :D that made my day.  I'm really happy with this dress- it certainly isn't the most complicated thing I've ever made, but it's something I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of, especially over the party season! I totally recommend this pattern for newbie sewers, it's really cute and soo easy to put together. Please share if you've made this pattern too!



  1. LOVE THIS VERSION!!! I'm buying the ultimate shift dress kit today and I never thought go adding a collar like this. So cute and wearable! I need to make a dozen!!

  2. Hey! What a lovely dress! Classy. I really like the shape of the collar.
    May I ask how much of the black fabric you ended up using?

    1. I can't really remember, but I expect I bought 2m as I usually go for that length.


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