Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Finished Project- Vintage Bow Necked Blouse

Hey, I finished a new item of clothing! 

My lovely mummy bought me this vintage blouse pattern and the fabric to make it up in the summer, but it's been sat on my to-do pile ever since.  The fabric is a cotton quilting fabric, which means it needs a mean press every time I'm going to wear it.  Truth be told, because of this I'm not likely to wear it a whole lot, hay ho.  I've never been a fan of ironing.

The pattern is a vintage Simplicity (no. 4676), it's a size too big so I traced the original pattern and made adjustments from that.  I took it in about an inch on each of the front panels and two inches off the back, but it was still too big when I finished putting it all together so I took off another inch each of the side seems.  Annoyingly, I had done French seems to begin with, but these ended up being cut off as I could not be bothered to unpick and do them all over again.  I noticed a couple of other problems too, like the shoulders are a little big, and the bust darts finish about an inch away from where they are meant to- but I can adjust 
both of those issues next time I make it up.

This was the third time I have done a row of buttons and a button placket, after making Tilly's Picnic Skirt earlier in the year.  Its such an easy closure, I found that I had no trouble with it this time either.  I machine stitched the button holes, after practising which settings to use.  I'm still unable to remember what is needed for these things.  The pattern called for self cover buttons, witch I obliged with- I really like making buttons, so simple and so cute!  The arm holes are simply turned and hemmed, as is the bottom hem.

Now, lets talk about that bow! I love it so much! Its so poffy and pretty.  The bow was defiantly what made me want this pattern in the first place, its so very vintage but also so very in right now. also, its such a versatile piece of the pattern, I think I could adjust this pattern to turn it into a peter-pan collard blouse, or use this bow with other patterns- really mix it up.  I'm planning another version of this blouse already, in white as it would be perfect for work, and I'm thinking, if anything, the bow needs to be longer.  Imagine, a huge, dramatic pussy-bow in white chiffon or something equally drape-y- perfection!

All in all, I am actually really pleased with this blouse, it didn't take long at all, and it's a nice addition to my wardrobe.  I can see it paired with a cosy cardigan now we're in the colder months, but it'll do well when the weather warms up too!  

This top became a reality, and not just a piece of beautiful fabric thanks to Seamstress Erin and the Bow-Necked Blouse Sew-Along.  Check out her inspiration and creations, as well as other bloggers work through the button below :D

Bow Neck Blouse Sewalong


  1. It's adorable! It's definitely something you can get a lot of use out of year-round. It would look so good with a navy cardigan.

    1. Absolutely, navy is the perfect match for this peachy colour. Really please with this as a make :) x

  2. It looks lovely Freya, good style choice for that fabric - shame about the ironing issue!

    1. Ah, I'm just lazy :) I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this blouse really x

  3. You should sooo still wear this- sooo cute!!!


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