Monday, 4 November 2013

Some Knitted Makes

There has been a lot of sewing going on in these parts over the last couple of weeks, but it's all been for this craft fair that I'm doing at church- so no new clothes to share with you* :(

However, I though instead, I would share my recent knitted makes!  I may have only finished my jumper a couple of weeks ago, but even before that I had started more knitting projects.  Now, I can't help it- I love knitting!  It's not like you can sew on the machine in front of the telly, sociably at least, or in the car.  But knitting is so portable and wonderful, I'm hooked! (Now, if it was crochet that I'd gotten in to, there'd be a pun there ;) )

So, here is what I've made recently- lots of hats!

I promised Dave I'd make him a hat as he has quite a collection, which is ever growing.  I'm not ready to tackle men's clothes in sewing so I thought this'd be a nice thing to do for him.  One small problem, however- Dave has a large head (sorry, baby, it's true).  So the first attempt simply didn't fit him at all.  Never mind, I kept that version for myself and made some adjustments to the pattern to make a larger version for him.  This turned out much better, and seeing as I'd already done the pattern once before, I kinda knew what I was doing when the changes didn't quite add up.  I used a super chunky wool and size 12mm needles (!), and a pattern from my local haberdash'.  The first attempt came together quite slowly as I got the hang of doing lace knitting, but the second time was very quick and I finished it in a day on the market.

The next hat I made was the complete opposite- a tiny baby hat for a friend who is due in January.  I bought this wool at Wilkinson's, and love the stripes it produces as it is knitted up :D  This also took hardly any time to knit, and I'm now making no2 with the left over wool.  I really couldn't think of anything else to do with half a skein of 50g baby coloured rainbow wool.  The second hat is going to be a gift to the next person who tells me they are pregnant!

Aside from hats, I'm also making my sister (who fails to read my blog- for shame!) a scarf for Christmas.  I'm using my chunky needles again, justifying buying them, and grey chunky wool in a stocking stitch to make a cowl.  I only bought two balls of wool, which might turn out to be an error.  I love the loose knit that it is making, it makes the stocking stitch I'm doing look much more interesting than it really is.

Lastly, I've started on my next item of clothes- the Marion cardi I told you about in my last knitting post.  I haven't got any further with it though.  I need to learn to cable knit next and, despite being told that it is super easy to do, keep putting that off.

*For those off you who are following the astrix I just wanted to say, no new clothes, but I just ordered these new boots!!!

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