Saturday, 21 December 2013

2013- A Year In Review

It's been a busy year; four weddings, 20 items of clothing sewn, one jumper knitted, me-made-may, one dissertation and 6 long essays written, three different new jobs started, one house move, and many other little adventures along the way!  It's been a really good year.  Looking back on my goal list for the last year, I'm really pleased with what I've achieved.  Lets focus on the things I've managed to tick off-

I've made way more items of clothing than I expected too, partly because I have worked on some simple, quick projects, which have helped me come leaps and bounds in my techniques and sewing basics.  Although not all of the things I've made are winners, I have learnt a lot over the course of it all and am much more confident in my sewing skills and also things like my own style.

Secondly- I passed my masters course! Woop, woop! Graduation is in January, which will be great fun! I am really blessed to be able to have had a year to indulge in my studies.  I owe Dave a lot for putting up with me while I was a poor student and supporting me throughout. 

And, Indeed, we did move house! Closer to family and friends, in to a house we can see ourselves living in for a long while.

I have not ran the Race for Life this year, but, the intention behind goal was to build up my running ability so that I would be able to run that race.  Well, let me tell you, back when I had time to go to the gym in October, I ran a solid 30min!! I was so proud, as a year ago I struggled to run for five minutes.  although this was short of the 5k I'd have to run for the race, the progress I've made is wonderful, and I can't wait to run that race this year coming.

Knitting my jumper is certainly one of the things I'm proudest of this year- before I had started I had only knitted squares and tiny Easter ducklings before, so it was quite daunting a project.  With David's mum on hand though, it was actually quite a manageable project and I love it!  It's also given me the confidence to attempt more challenging knitting projects.  I started my next knitting project a while ago, but I've found it much more challenging (surprise, surprise). I'm persevering though and plan on sharing my progress in the new year.

'Take more photographs' is quite a abstract goal, but I've kept it in mind throughout the year so I think I have taken plenty and am happy with those that I've got :D

And, Finally, I've made three sets of cushion covers- so yay!

Long, wordy post today, I'll post next years goals on New Years, it's much more sewing focused, which really reflects a lot on me.

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