Thursday, 16 January 2014

MorsBags DIY

Earlier this week I went along to a free workshop to make Morsbags with a group of local crafty ladies at the Buttons and Bobbins Studio.  Morsbags are large tote bags, made using recycled fabrics with the intention that they are used to replace plastic bags in our lives.  Each bag is designed to be extra strong, with French seams, and triple stitching of the handles, as specified in the design.  Labels are provided to help spread the word and we all walked out of the session with a fantastic free bag.

It's a simple idea, definitely, and such a good one!  Plus, you are encouraged to make extra bags and give them away for free, either to friends and family, or be brave and hand them out to strangers.  I'm definitely thinking everyone will be getting one for next Christmas!

The session was really fun because I got to do some sociable sewing for once- usually it's just me in my kitchen.  I loved chatting with the ladies, and enjoyed being able to help out the newbie sewers.  I'm planning on going to the next session on 1st February (10-1), if anyone in Leicester wants to come, let me know! Workshops are held all over, so see if there is one near you!

Photos taken by Julie of Buttons and Bobbins

You can find the instructions here, and make your own at home.  Officially you need to use the labels to make it a real Morsbag- available at cost price (50p/ten) from the website and for free at workshops, but you can always make 'unofficial' bags too!

Let me know if you have a go!


  1. I love this! In Germany it's pretty common to take fabric bags to the supermarkets. Here in the UK people sometimes still look at me in a weird way when I pull all these canvas tote bags out of my handbag at the cashiers. I love the Morsbags and yours is absolutely fabulous! Everyone should have this!I have to check where the workshop is in London :)

    1. Let me know if you do make some- they are so good! my next aim is to make some to give away :D x

  2. Lovely work Freya you will go far in your ambition - looking forward to seeing your coat. Love the bag too, am making a patchwork quilted one at present, under guidance from my Craft Club, which I go to every Thursday morning.

    1. Thank you! good luck with your bag, I would love to see photos :) xxx


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