Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years, New Projects!

Last year my goals were much more varied, but this year I really want to push myself and develop my sewing skis and abilities.  I came on leaps and bounds over the last 12months, now I know how to finish my seams properly, set in sleeves, sew button holes and top stitch neatly! Not bad, eh. 

I'm not one to rest on my laurels, what ever they might be, so I'm pushing forward and setting myself new challenges- one I'm particularly excited about is making a coat! I've picked out the pattern and Dad bought me he fabric and notions for Christmas, so I'm cracking on with it! So exciting an I know it wil push me to really learn a lot! 

Another sew-uloution, to steal a phrase, is to get more involve with the blogging community- I've met some lovely ladies through our blogs, and am hoping to actually attend a meet up  or something his year.  This is also part of the 'join in with more sew-alongs' one.  There is so much going on and I want in!!! So, if you want to be my bloggie friend, Hi! 

I'd love to know if you've set yourself any challenges for the new year, sewing related or not. I've also set a couple non sewing ones, but they are largely boring or carried over from last year, so I won't bore you with them here.


  1. These are great goals! And actually a few of these are on my list as well (although I haven't written them down, because I don't want to put myself under pressure)! I am planning to make a blazer and coat as well to push my technique knowledge a bit forward :) Only one question: How come you want to make 6 vintage dresses? Do you have the patterns already in mind?

    1. I like working with vintage patterns so I really just picked a number that seamed doable without taking up all my time- I do have a nice small stash of vintage patterns from which I'll choose from though :D Not exactly in mind, but to hand.

  2. Great list! So versatile! I love how organised you are. I'm a list-lover as well, but I haven't had the courage yet to make one. It will be about a hundred pages long, if I list everything I want to sew :) And it's so hard to confine myself to only a few goals. Ahh. Maybe I'll try anyway.

    @Daniela M.: Woah! you told me about the coat, now you want to make a blazer as well? :) I found an awesome coat pattern I need someone to come fabric shopping with me at some point:)

    1. I simply like having structure, you should see how I procrastinate when I haven't got a clear list!!! I would love to know what kinda goals you would set your self!x


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