Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sweet Poppy Dress

Hello all!

Hope you're having a nice week, my weekend was spent at work :( (hope that won't last much longer) but I'm spending all my free time at home in the week dressmaking and applying for new jobs, so keeping busy!

I made this dress  last Thursday, inspired by a dress that Roisin from 'Dolly Clacket' blog made back in December- I love her blog so much!  It's filled with so many beautiful handmade dresses and brilliant writing.  Anyway, when I had dragged my family to go fabric shopping in Cardiff over the Christmas break and sew this fabric I had to pick it up! It was a little more than I'd usually spend at £8.99/m, but I'm happy to start spending a little more on my sewing now that I can see my skills and finishes improving so much.  

I've used Simplicity 4070 (previously made here and here and a third time last summer which to be blogged about at some point when I get around to it), bodice A and skirt E, as before, size 12 at the shoulders down to a size 14 at the waist and hips.  The bodice is lined but the skirt is left unlined.  I love the simple lines of this combination.  I had to get a little creative with the cutting out of the fabric though- I bought 2m of 115cm wide fabric and then stupidly cut the front of the bodice out, forgetting to place it on the fold.  I cursed at myself and spent, genuinely, a whole day figuring out how to rearrange with a chunk cut of of my limited fabric.  I ended up shortening the skirt pieces by 4 inches each which gave me the wiggle room to place the right pieces on the fold etc.  And that worked perfectly because the skirt is so long any way- I almost always shorten it.  Phew! I was so mad at myself!

A more intentional adjustment that I made was to lower the neckline.  The original design has the nick right up at your throat and I just wanted to change that a little, mostly for variations sake.  I drew a new neckline to a point 3" lower than the original and am really happy with how it turned out.  I would love to have more goes at adjusting patterns, but it kinda scares me, so I'm taking it slow.

I love, love, love this dress- as soon as I finished it, I tried it on as usual, and then refused to take it off again.  I wore it out to lunch with a friend and just felt so happy in a bright dress on a miserable day!  I'm certainly more than happy to have paid just a little more for the fabric as it's turned our perfectly!  Let's be honest, £16 for a dress you love is totally worth every penny and more.

Once I'd got the fabric and lining cut out, it took me just a couple of hours to put this together, even with some unpicking.  I love quick projects, especially as I'm staring down the gun of my coat- which I've still got nowhere with as I'm quite nervous of it! Silly, I know.  My goal this week is to get the muslin cut out and stitched together, not to hard, surely!?  


  1. Lovely print! I like what you do with the neckline. You shouldn't be scared to adjust the pattern to your liking as you can always muslin it to check!

    1. Adjusting the necklines helped me realise that- hoping to build my wardrobe up from a few good patterns I can make different adjustments to.

    2. Definitely! I seem to keep accumulating patterns but I always stick to the same few that I've done the fitting work with and then adjust various features. As long as you have a pattern for a couple of types of bodice, a couple of types of skirt, a pair of trousers and a top I reckon you could modify those into millions of different creations. (Although I will keep on accumulating ;) )

  2. Love the dress Freya, are you a tiny tot, as I find that I can't wear big print, but you can. Make your coat and look at it as FUN, if you go wrong - no matter. It all has to be fun xx

    1. I am just 5'2", so yeh! I think you just have to find the right big print- not all work for me either. xxx


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