Monday, 3 February 2014

Classic Vintage Bias Skirt

Having so much time off in the week is making me really productive when it comes to sewing.  My current job situation has me working only Saturdays and Sundays, which has put a little dampener on my social life, but has given me plenty of time to sew and job hunt for something with better hours.  I've done so much sewing I now have a back log of stuff to share!

On one shopping trip with my friend who runs the vintage stall on our local market I found a small bundle of fabric in one of the second hand shops which had a good length of navy blue fabric.  I think it is linen.  There was about 1-1.5m of that and a smaller piece of very polyester-y fabric, which I don't think I'm going to find a use for.  The price for both pieces was £2 so I couldn't leave them behind.  I envisioned the blue linen as a skirt right away, but then had to decide which of my lovely vintage skirt patterns it would grow up to be.

I finally settled on this Simplicity pattern from 1971, thinking the bias cut version would make a nice change from the A-line options that this and other patterns I have offer.

The construction of this skirt was wonderfully quick, I had it cut out and assembled in about an hour and a half- I did then have to make a couple of sizing adjustments, but in principal a super quick make!   The pattern is one size too small for my waist, so I traced it and added half an inch to each piece ( =2" altogether), but when I finished and tried it on it was way too big and sat on my hips, not my waist, and was very unflattering!  I then took out the 2" I had put in in the first place and now it fits perfectly!

The pattern comes in two lengths- normal and mini, so being short I decided on mini- knowing the definition of mini has shrunk over the last 40 years.  This was totally the right call as the mini length still goes down to my knees!  This will have a lot to do with my height of course, I'm just glad I made that call.

I'm really please with this skirt in the end, for one thing it's a plain fabric, which makes it a potential staple of my wardrobe and not another thing I'll make and never wear.  And it's quite different to other pieces in my wardrobe, I wear a lot of black bottoms but this mixes things up just a little bit.  Lastly, this is another project completed on my A/W sewing plans, so yay!


  1. lovely skirt. that will be useful (and what a bargain!)

  2. Great little skirt! The basic vintage skirt patterns are great

  3. That is such a lovely skirt. Very simple but the drape is lovely.

  4. Oh, I really like this. So versatile!


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