Monday, 10 February 2014

Sundress in February

Clearly, I am dreaming of summer time- I am compleatly bored of winter now, and I think it just got colder, so that sucks! Anyway, pretty summer dress =  yay!!

This is yet another dress made up with Simplicity 4070, the strapless version of the bodice, and a dirndl style skirt.  I added straps to the bodice to mix it up a little bit. They are simply made by sewing together a tube of fabric about 2" wide and turning it out and sewing it to the bodice pieces when I attach the lining to the main bodice pieces.  Other than using a different skirt and adding straps, I just did my usual change of shortening the bodice by 1".

I was flicking through twitter when I cam across Suzannah's new post with her latest make.  I was just wandering what I should make next and this pattern is ideal as it used the scant 1.5m of fabric I had.  Suzannah has made a whole wardrobe of awesome dresses using a pattern similar to my favourite Simplicity 4070- hence the inspiration.  It was a good choice too, as it was a fantastically quick make.  Even with hemming it by hand, then deciding I wanted it longer so unpicking and restitching my machine, it only took me a couple of hours- a true tried and tested pattern :D  

The skirt is made with a length of fabric twice the width of my waist, which has given it a lot of fullness.  I'm not onehundred percent sold on it as it is, so I'm considering taking some of it out and making it about 1.5 times my waist; what do you think?  Is it alright or should I change it?

So, another dress to get out when the weather changes- I really should make some warmer, winter clothes, but I don't want to-  I'm constantly dreaming of summer days.

I am actually in a bit of a sewing ditch at the moment, I ordered a role of tracing paper from Amazon so I could start tracing off patterns in case I need to use different sizes at any point, but it's been three weeks and it has yet to arrive!  I bought myself a selection of new patterns I am desperate to use, so I might have to cut one out while I wait for my order to be resolved- of course I've put in a complaint with Amazon re the company I ordered it from.


  1. Lovely dress! It really looks great on you! I normally use 1.5 times the waist measurement, but with this dress I wouldn't change anything. It looks really good and the gathered waist gives it a nice 50's silhouette.
    I have never cut out a pattern before - I always trace them, but I also normally work with Burda, where cutting is not an option anyway since all the pattern pieces are layered in different colours.
    I recently bought some independent patterns and my tracing habit comes in handy now. I think it's much better to keep the original pattern in case you should ever want to sew it in a different size. So, it might be worth being patient a little longer ;) x

  2. A cheap solution to tracing paper is to use the wide baking paper you can buy at supermarkets. its not so great for really large pattern pieces, because you have to tape it together, but it's an option.
    loving the blog, inspiring me to get my machine out of storage. :)


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