Monday, 17 March 2014

Plantain T-shirt - 1, 2, 3

Hey Guys!  You might remember the jersey dress I made last summer that was a bit of a fail.  Now, I think that was due to a couple a reasons- poor fabric choice (bought blindly off of Ebay) and choosing a 'difficult' pattern with techniques I hadn't yet mastered.  Since then I've made some much simpler items out of stretch fabric- like a tube skirt, a velvet shift dress and my graduation dress, all of which came together much easier than that first one.  So, when the Plantain T-shirt pattern was released by Deer and Doe I got to down loading it asap! And, in case you hadn't heard, it's a FREE pattern so really you must try it.

The first couple of weeks after it's release Deer and Doe held a wee competition to see how creative people could get with this top- and I originally intended to enter.  But, then I started to see what kind of thing people were entering, and how creative they were getting, and my (gorgeous) plain pink jersey was never going to compete.  Not that I really minded- It's so much nicer to sew without pressure.  

So I did make up the Plantain in my fabric (£5 for 2m on the market) in my own time- but it didn't quite go to plan.  All my own fault of course.

Firstly, I forgot to get matching thread, and impulsively decided that white would do the job- I was wrong.  Yes, it holds the fabric together, but it is clearly visible with all the top stitching involved.  I also ignored the elbow patch markers, so they are way wonky!  In the end I didn't even bother finishing the sleeves or the hem.  It's not a total disaster- I can always wear it as a layering top- underneath jumpers for warmth.  It's actually ideal for that as it has a low neck line and doesn't peak out like my other t-shirts.  It's also perfectly suitable for lounging about the house.

Of course I couldn't leave it there- since that fail I have made two more things using the Plantain pattern- first; a dress, and then a successful top!  Both out of a length of (maybe cotton, or at least some cotton content) jersey from the remnents man on the market- £3 for 2.5m.

I used the Plantain patten for the dress bodice, short sleeve option, and tried to cut out a circle skirt to go with it.  It didn't quite go to plan, but, over all, I'm happy enough with this make- I have worn it a couple of times, to slouch around the house, or a quick trip to the shop.  It's so comfortable, and light weight that it is perfect for those days you don't feel like putting on real clothes, but, you know, you still have to get dressed. So I'm going to have another go and fix the skirt issue next time I get myself some jersey.

what a cheesy grin!
The top however, went together perfectly! At this point I had already had two goes at putting it together and knew what I was doing!  The outcome of the long winded process (and this blog post) is that I actually made a successful Plantain by the end of all that drama! Yay!  I even remembered to cut the neck binding out the other way so I've got the nice stripe detail around there. Now I know what I'm doing, I'll make a lot more Plantains- they are a great shape, they fit well, and with the sleeve options (long, mid and short) I will be able to get a great selection of shirts for summer out of it! 


  1. Yaay for finding a new tnt pattern! A and even better when it's free.

  2. The first one doesn't look too bad, actually! The dress is fab and I'm in love with the third one! I'm totally into stripes at the moment and cutting the neckband the other way is a very clever idea. This would also look very chic under a black/white blazer!x

    1. I'm trying to work towards sewing more day to day wear, and I can't get enough of stripes! Thinking of making a blazer, maybe :s x


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