Monday, 14 April 2014

The Fairy Tale Cape

When Charlie at put the call out for pattern testers I was all over it like ants at a picnic.  I totally loved the cape she had drafted herself and was so pleased that she was sharing her design with the rest of us.

I was so enamoured with Charlie's red original version that I was tempted to make a matching one myself- but when I went shopping for the fabric I thought better of it and found this gorgeous black and white loose weave wool.  This made a really light weight cape, which should be ideal for spring.  However, if I were to remake this exact cape again, I'd probably want to line it for warmth.

The construction was very easy, with nice clear instructions and gorgeous illustrations.  there are just two pattern pieces and it comes together really quickly. This would be an ideal project for a beginner who wants to move past dresses.  

I'm not very experienced with sewing on buttons- or embellishments of any kind really.  And I know it's, like, the most basic sewing skill there is!  So these took me a couple of goes to get them in the right place, and I'm still not happy with them.  The bottom two buttons are a whole inch too close to the ones above.  I will get round to fixing that as soon as I can be bothered (i.e. if it bugs me once I wear it.)

So, Charlie's pattern comes in one size fits all- it just pops over your head.  Tall girls might want to add more length, but that's easy enough to do.  Plus I hear that all sorts of extra tutorials, such as adding arm holes, adding lining and changing the length, will be featured on her blog, so look out for that.  

The Fairy Tale Cape is available to buy now, you can even set your own price!  Go on, trust me, it's a fantastic pattern!


  1. I love it Freya May, you have great sewing skills and I think the buttons look just fine. I love the fabric, good choice! :)

  2. Great cape, the pink buttons are fabulous :)

  3. Another pattern I need to buy! My wish list is getting bigger haha, oh dear! :)


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