Monday, 28 April 2014

Vintage Denim Skirt

It's the end of a busy Easter holiday, except it wasn't a holiday for me because I was asked to cover some extra shifts at work just as Dave broke up from school. Ce la vie. It just seems to be how work is going at the mo. Did manage to squeeze in some fun though- had Easter Sunday off and ate a nice big Sunday lunch with family. 

I'm working towards making more staple items for my wardrobe- no matter how much I love pretty sundresses, there is a limit to how often they get worn in my day to day life.  I won't lie to you, there will still be many pretty dresses on this blog because they are the funnest to make! So, tbh, you might have notice this trend in my blog post so far anyway. 

So, this skirt is one I've been thinking about for a while, I love a good denim skirt. This pattern is one from my vintage stash- gifted by a family friend. I love the style, but the 1970s length was never going to work for me.  I traced the pattern off in the size 14, and shortened the length to about 20".  It's a little tight around the waist, not enough to stop me wearing it but it certainly isn't comfortable  enough to slob around in. 

I had another unsuccessful go at gathers around the waist band in this, and followed your useful suggestions for make better gathers, but I think there wasn't enough fabric to gather at the front for the look I wanted. I love he look of this skirt so next time I will add another inch around the waist and increase the fabric in the front to make the gathers more pronounced.  In conclusion, this is a skirt I totally see myself making more of in the future:) 


  1. Cute! I love the single red button :) At first I thought you made the Kelly skirt by Megan Nielsen! The pattern looks very similar. Great job! I also decided to make more basics for my wardrobe as I don't wear my pretty dresses as often as I thought I would. x

    1. Truth is I ran out of the white buttons! Its a very similar pattern, just looked it up. Good for getting ready for MMM'14 too :D


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